1. Administrative Hearings Bureau

    The AHB helps define, prevent, reduce, and eliminate blight factors and causes of blight.

  2. Assessor

    The City Assessor's primary mission is to value all legally assessable property in a uniform, fair, and impartial manner in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan.

  3. Building Department

    The Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of building codes and zoning ordinances and subsequently maintaining records concerning the construction, alteration, or demolition of buildings or structures.

  4. City Attorney

    The City Attorney serves as chief legal adviser to the City Council, the Manager and all City Departments, officers and agencies. The City Attorney represents the City in all legal proceedings and performs all other legal work as required by law.

  5. City Clerk / Treasury

    Apprehend voting and election information, and information on bids, RFPs, and payment terms.

  6. City Manager

    The City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and is responsible for administration of all departments, coordination with City Council, and the provision of information on City policies, programs, and activities.

  7. Economic Development

    The Department of Economic Development works with all community stakeholders to improve the quality of life in Ypsilanti. The Department of Economic Development oversees Planning and Building divisions to work together in all facets of community development.

  8. Finance Department

    The Finance Department is responsible for administration of the city's budget, city investments, financial records, revenues and expenditures, and property assessments.

  9. Fire Department

    The Ypsilanti Fire Department (YFD) is a comprehensive, full-time fire department that provides fire services to the City of Ypsilanti and Eastern Michigan University. The men and women of the City of Ypsilanti Fire Department are dedicated to serve the citizens, businesses, students, and visitors of the City of Ypsilanti.

  10. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department is responsible for employment hiring, administration, negotiation of Union contracts, and Equal Employment Opportunity compliance.

  11. Planning & Development Department

    The Planning and Development Department is responsible for long range planning, development review, zoning administration, historic preservation, and community and economic revitalization.

  12. Police Department

    Working in partnership with the community, the members of the Ypsilanti Police Department are dedicated to improving the quality of life and providing a safe environment within the community and the organization.

  13. Public Services

    Department of Public Services (DPS) is responsible for the maintenance of all City-owned and operated buildings, facilities, and infrastructures as well as the provision of solid waste services.