Licensing & Permits

The Ypsilanti City Clerk and Treasurer's Office facilitates and/or issues a number of licenses and permits. Please click the following links to access the listed permit/license application.

Visit the Permit Center for a complete list of license and permit applications.  For further information about any of the permits, please contact us at 734-483-1100.
Nonprofit Recognition for Charitable Gaming License
Nonprofit organizations based in the City of Ypsilanti seeking to obtain a Charitable Gaming License from the State of Michigan must obtain recognition from Ypsilanti City Council for that purpose.

Please call the City Clerk's office at 734-483-1100 for more information.
  1. Liquor Licenses

    Ypsilanti City Council considers requests for the issuance of new, transfer, and redevelopment liquor licenses for on-premise consumption of alcohol.

  2. Medical Marijuana Licenses

    If you want to operate a medical marijuana dispensary and / or growing facility, please become familiar with the City ordinances and applications.

  3. Peddler / Solicitor Licenses

    The City Clerk's office issues licenses for Peddling and Soliciting.