Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for employment hiring, administration, negotiation of Union contracts, and Equal Employment Opportunity compliance. 
  1. Collective Bargaining Agreements

    View the contracts between the City of Ypsilanti and various unions.

  2. Job Postings & Descriptions

    View current job openings, read job descriptions, and learn how to apply for jobs from the City of Ypsilanti.

  3. Living Wage

    Read our policy on payment of living wages.

  4. Mission Statement

    Read our mission statement.

  5. Retiree Services

    Retirees can access commonly requested information. As new information becomes available, the Human Resources Department will update the site to better serve our retirees.

  6. Title VI

    The City of Ypsilanti recognizes its responsibility to provide fairness and equity in all of its programs, services, and activities, and that it must abide by and enforce federal and state civil rights legislation.