Yard Waste

Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, garden material, and bundled or contained branches that are two to three inches or smaller in diameter and cut in four-foot lengths or smaller.

Yard waste will be picked up on trash day. Curbside services typically begin the first week of April and continue through the second week of December.

Please place at curb no later than 6 a.m. on trash day or the evening before.

How do I prepare yard waste for pick-up?
  • Place in brown paper compost bags or in a trash can (32 gallons or smaller) with handles.
  • Place bags or can approximately six feet from trash.
  • Think green - no plastic bags please.
  • Stickers for containers may be obtained at the Department of Public Services or at the Ypsilanti Recycling Center.
  1. Curbside Brush Removal

    Brush should be no larger than two to three inches in diameter and cut into four-foot lengths. Please follow the following guidelines for placing brush at the curb.

  2. Helpful Alternative Yard Waste Solutions

    Learn information about mowing your leaves and grasscycling.

  3. Leaf Pickup

    Leaves contained in compost bags or trash cans (32 gallons or smaller with a yard waste sticker on it) will be picked up curbside. Curbside yard waste will be picked up on your trash day.

  4. Ypsilanti Township Compost Facility

    View information about passes to the compost facility and how to get there.