Parks & Facilities

The City of Ypsilanti has a variety of public parks and facilities. They provide residents with recreational opportunities, sports, playgrounds, festivals, fishing, gardening, and fitness classes.

Ypsilanti Parks allow you to reunite with friends and family in safe and fun environments while enjoying the beautiful outdoors of our Cool City. Use our map tool to locate a park near you!
  1. Adopt a Park

    The City of Ypsilanti, in partnership with citizen volunteers on the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission, have developed the Adopt-A-Park program to encourage neighbors, community groups, local businesses, and service clubs to dig in to help keep our community’s Parks and Recreation system vibrant.

  2. Parks & Facilities

    Browse the local parks and facilities in and around Ypsilanti.

  3. Parks Plan

    An adopted Parks and Recreation Master plan conforming to certain standards is required by the State of Michigan for the City to maintain its eligibility for many recreation-related grants, including Natural Resources Trust Fund grants, and helps to provide a basis for many other grant applications.

  4. Park Rules

    Help us keep the parks beautiful and safe by following the posted rules.