Available Local Incentives

The City of Ypsilanti offers a series of incentives to businesses, residents, and investors, and we can also assist in helping applicants receive incentives from county, state and federal government agencies. Locally initiated tax exemption programs include:
  1. Brownfield Incentives

    Brownfield incentives, including Brownfield tax increment financing (TIF), also require approval from City Council, but they are processed through the Washtenaw County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority.

  2. Commercial Rehabilitation Exemption Certificate

    Similar to the OPRA exemption, the City of Ypsilanti can provide property tax abatement to owners of certain rehabilitated commercial facilities in designated districts by freezing its pre-rehabilitated taxable value for 1-10 years.

  3. How To Apply For Tax Abatement

    View these easy steps for applying for a tax abatement.

  4. Industrial Facilities Act Tax Exemption

    This program is designed to replace the property tax on industrial and high technology developments, expansions, and rehabilitation efforts with an Industrial Facilities Tax (IFT).

  5. Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act

    This incentive is designed to promote redevelopment of contaminated, blighted, or functionally obsolete commercial and commercial housing properties.

  6. Personal Property Tax Certificate

    PA 328 allows the City of Ypsilanti to offer a tax exemption to spur investment in the Industrial Development District, Brownfield Redevelopment District, Local Development Financing District/Smart Zone, or the Downtown Development District.