1. Ann Arbor SPARK

    The lead economic development agency for the county, SPARK is not only working on the SPARK East incubator in downtown Ypsilanti, but is our link to coordinating with incoming businesses around training talent, finding space and helping to negotiate economic development incentives. SPARK also hosts a series of trainings and networking functions for incoming and current businesses, including entrepreneurs.

  2. Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Regional Chamber of Commerce

    The Chamber of Commerce is central to business recruitment, development and promotion efforts of the City of Ypsilanti. The chamber is a key partner and has worked well to secure and maintain partnerships with the business community, government, residents and non-traditional partners.

  3. Clean Energy Coalition

    Clean Energy Coalition (CEC) is a non-profit organization that works to promote clean energy technologies as a way to create healthier, energy independent communities.

  4. Crowdfunding - LARA

    Crowdfunding includes a wide variety of collective efforts and allows people to raise funds for almost any type of project with donations from others. Crowdfunding also refers to funding a company by selling small amounts of equity to a large number of investors.

  5. Downtown Association of Ypsilanti

    Downtown Association of Ypsilanti (DAY) is essential in providing quality events and attractions to bring residents and visitors to Ypsilanti business districts throughout the year. Member businesses also serve as impromptu mentors and resources to new and ongoing businesses in the community.

  6. Eastern Michigan University's College of Business

    In January of 2009, EMU became the first university in the state to launch an on-line Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship program. This is a natural extension of the College's Center for Entrepreneurship, which began in 1986.

  7. Michigan Talent Bank

    Whether you are looking for a job or looking for employees, the Michigan Talent Bank is the place to be. If you are a job seeker, you can search more than 15,000 new job openings monthly and post your resume so that more than 40,000 employers can find it.

  8. Michigan Works! Employment Training

    The Community Action Agency for the County, ETCS is very involved in helping residents with a wide variety of programming to meet basic needs, and in particular, needs related to job training, career change and retraining.

  9. Procurement Technical Assistance Center

    PTAC helps businesses market their products and services to federal, state and local governments. The Center provides low-cost assistance for business organizations to help them tap into government markets.

  10. Small Business Development Center

    The SBTDC provides free business planning services to small businesses and to some non-profits. They are also involved in youth entrepreneurship and serve as a connection to state programs.

  11. SPARK East Incubator

    The Incubator is located in Downtown Ypsilanti. Incubator tenants receive business services, subsidized rent and shared services I.e. conference space, phones, IT, Internet, etc. Graduating businesses receive assistance with funding, location finding, etc.

  12. Venture Capital & Angel Funding

    SPARK can serve as a liaison to this funding program and to similar funding programs. Contact SPARK for further information.