Curbside Recycling

City of Ypsilanti Curbside Recycling 
The City of Ypsilanti offers an aggressive curbside recycling program to help reduce your waste. The program now provides Single Stream Recycling, which means that containers and paper products may be mixed in the same bin. 
Recyclables can be placed curbside as the same day as trash pickup. Please do not put bottles of oil or bags with rechargeable batteries in the red bin. Scroll down for proper handling of these and other items. To view the Holiday Schedule click here.
How to Obtain a Curbside Recycling Bin
Curbside recycling bins are available to City of Ypsilanti residents only at the Department of Public Services Office, located at 14 W. Forest Ave. between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.  Recycle bins are available to residents living in single family dwellings and multi-family dwelling no larger than (4) four units. 

Excess recycling can be brought to the Recycling Center at 651 Rice Street, adjacent to Frog Island Park.

The hours for the Recycling Center are Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Plastic & Aluminum Goods
  • Plastic Bottles or tubs with numbers 1 (PET), 2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE), 5 (PP), No. 6 (PS) or No. 7 on the Bottom
  • No plastic lids or plastic bags
  • No motor oil bottles even with a 1 or 2
  • No Styrofoam curbside
  • Clean plastic and discard caps
Clear, Green, & Brown Glass Food & Beverage Containers
  • Bottles and jars
  • No window glass
  • No ceramics or Pyrex type glass
  • No light bulbs
  • Clean glass and remove metal caps to recycle, plastic caps are trash.
Tin & Aluminum
  • Rinse cans
  • Includes cans, foil, and trays
  • Scrap metal up to 1 cubic foot
Milk Cartons & Juice Boxes
  • Clean and flatten
  • No plastic caps
  • No frozen juice concentrate tubes
Paper Goods
Corrugated Cardboard & Boxboard
  • Bundle in 3 foot by 4 foot bundles or in box or paper bag
  • If too large to bundle, take to any drop-off center
  • Place next to or on top of bin
  • Cereal boxes, cardboard egg cartons, and similar type material
  • Flatten and remove inner bags or packaging
  • No box board with food particles or grease on box
Newspaper, Magazines & Junk Mail
  • Newspapers, including glossy inserts
  • Magazines and paperback books, including phone books
  • Mixed paper, glossy coated is OK
  • No plastic or metal tabs, binders, transparencies, carbon paper, or tissue paper