Rental Inspections

No person, owner, or owner's agent shall rent, lease, or allow occupancy of a dwelling unless that owner or owner's agent has first obtained a valid certificate of compliance from the city building department. The City of Ypsilanti requires that all residential rental properties in the city maintain a valid Certificate of Compliance.  

Rental units are inspected every two years for compliance using the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code, with additions, insertions, and changes that can be found in Section 18-92 of the Ypsilanti Code of Ordinances.  A copy of the code is available for viewing at the City Clerk's office and can be purchased through the Building Department. Guidelines for rental property requirements can be found here.

Section 18-131 of the Ypsilanti Code of Ordinances requires all persons owning any of the following to submit a Property Registration Form to the Building Department: 

  • Multiple dwelling
  • One- or two-unit rental dwelling
  • Vacant building

Frequently Asked Questions

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