Pets & Animal Licenses

Owning a Dog in the City of Ypsilanti 

An owner of any dog over four months of age must obtain a dog license. Applications for a license should be filed within 30 days of obtaining a dog over four months of age. 

Dog licenses are issued by the Washtenaw County Treasurer's Office.  You can apply online at  For more information please call (734) 222-6600 or email them at

*License fees are not required for certified seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs, or other certified dogs trained to assist the physically handicapped, or police services.

Chickens in the City

Residents may keep hens if they obtain a permit from the city prior to acquiring the hens and pay a permit fee set by city council. 

A permit may be obtained from the Building Department by any owner of a property for which the principal use is as a single-family or two-family residence.

Click here for the chicken permit application.

Keeping of roosters is not permitted, nor is the slaughter of hens. 

Honey Bee Alley

Any person who wishes to keep bees in the city shall obtain a permit from the Building Department prior to acquiring the bees or constructing the Apiary and pay a permit fee set by city council.

Beekeeping permits can be issued to properties whose principal use is one- or two-family residential.