City Attorney

Legal Services
The City Attorney (Legal Officer) is mandated by City Charter Section 4.06. The City Attorney is appointed by the City Manager subject to confirmation by City Council. The City Attorney serves as chief legal adviser to the City Council, the Manager and all City Departments, officers and agencies. The City Attorney represents the City in all legal proceedings and performs all other legal work as required by law.

Mission Statement
To provide high quality, efficient legal services to the City of Ypsilanti.

John M Barr
City Attorney
John M. Barr is the Ypsilanti City Attorney. His firm, Barr, Anhut & Associates, P.C., provides Attorney service on a contractual basis, including services by Assistant City Attorneys Dan DuChene, Karl A. Barr and Jesse O’Jack. The firm is supported by office staff including Jennifer A. Healy, who serves as Office Manager and Deputy Freedom of Information Act Coordinator