Fire Operations

On-Duty Officer: 734-482-9779

Fire Suppression

The City of Ypsilanti Fire Department covers 4.5 square miles and provides fire, EMS, and hazardous material responses to 19,435 residents and 23,000 students from Eastern Michigan University. We respond to approximately 600 fire calls and 1,600 medical emergencies per year. With our automatic aid and mutual aid system, we strive to meet the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standard.

The City Fire Department partakes in the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) to receive or provide assistance in and out of Washtenaw County for large scale and multi jurisdiction incidents.

Specialty Teams (Hazmat, TRT, & Water Rescue)

By actively participating in the County Hazardous Material Team, the Technical Rescue Teams and the Swift Water Rescue Team, the residents of the City receive the assistance of highly trained specialty teams being able to deal with the most challenging situations.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

The City of Ypsilanti Fire Department proudly provides rapid EMS response in collaboration with Huron Valley Ambulance. Under the direction of the Washtenaw Medical Authority, Firefighters provide advanced airway and are trained with the administration of drugs.

Fire Operations Roster

Shift 1

  • Captain Scott Maddison
  • Lieutenant Drew Gissendaner
  • Firefighter Noe Gomez Ornelas
  • Firefighter Doug Carpus
  • Firefighter Timothy Wilson
  • Firefighter Brandon King
  • Firefighter Leonard Ray

Shift 2

  • Captain Michael Loria
  • Lieutenant Angelica Placinta
  • Firefighter Deric Wurmlinger
  • Firefighter Dean Doyle
  • Firefighter Chad Nelson

Shift 3

  • Captain Jameson Schultz
  • Lieutenant Jeff Schulz
  • Firefighter AJ Burkett
  • Firefighter Amanda Derrington
  • Firefighter Reid Moden
  • Firefighter Abigail Litzinger
  • Firefighter Cameron Lieffers

Job Descriptions