Zoning District Quick Summaries

The following district descriptions are summaries only. Please refer to the Zoning Ordinance for full definitions and descriptions.

C, Center

Intended to preserve a vibrant mix of uses, including historical buildings of higher-density housing residences and businesses. Designed to facilitate the urban character of our shopping and activity centers.

HHS, Health & Human Services

Designed to support our existing cluster of medical health and human service offices. Intended to reconnect street grid and integrate the area with the surrounding corridors and neighborhoods.

PMD, Production, Manufacturing and Distribution

Designed to create and sustain jobs in industry and manufacturing. Operations are expected to generate waste, noise, odor and truck traffic and are required to be contained within adequately screened sites to minimize external impacts. Encourages redevelopment of underused and or vacant industrial spaces, often at the edges of the city.

HC, Historic Corridor

Intended to preserve the character of historic stretches, such as Huron Street. Connected to residential and business districts, these corridors allow for  businesses and homes which appropriately repurpose historical buildings.

NC, Neighborhood Corridor

Designed around existing higher traffic roadways, this district intends to provide a lower density mix of multi-family homes and commercial facilities aligned with the character of surrounding neighborhoods.

GC, General Corridor

Intended for heavy traffic roads lined with car-oriented businesses, restaurants and stores. This district may include multi-family homes.

P, Parks

Designed to preserve public and private greenspace. When surrounded by other districts, parks provide essential recreation space for urban neighborhoods. Along our river, it provides recreation as well as environmental protections.
Temporary uses may be allowed to encourage use and vitality of these areas.

CN, Core Neighborhood

Intended to include a range of housing types, single and multiple family, plus neighborhood businesses in line with the character and form of existing buildings. This district is designed to be walkable to the center districts they border, such as downtown.

CN-Mid, Core Neighborhood Mid

Intended to preserve a lower density, walkable mix of housing types and neighborhood businesses. This district is designed to be a buffer zone between single family areas and center or corridor areas.

CN-SF, Core Neighborhood Single Family

Designed to preserve the historic east side, these neighborhoods east of Depot Town are made up of large and small, historic and newer homes, both single and multi-family. Limited stores and gas stations allow for existing services, but limit new developments that would shift the established character.

R1, Single-family Residential

R1 is designed for low density, single-family neighborhoods. The purpose of this district is to preserve the character of existing homes, while allowing for related neighborhood-centric facilities such as schools and churches.

MD, Multiple Dwelling Residential

MD is designed to allow a mix of multi-family housing types, both rented and owner-occupied. The district is located next to major roads, and is often in between business areas and neighborhoods. Retail and other services, such as party stores or offices, are allowed to facilitate walkability of these mixed density districts.