Citizen's Police Academy

The Citizen Police Academy is a seven-week program designed to give the public a working knowledge of the Ypsilanti Police Department. Each session consists of weekly classes that meet with different instructors from the Police Department. The instruction is comprehensive, and each week different units within the department are covered.

The goal of the Citizen Police Academy is to gain understanding through this educational process.  The role of the Police has always been an interest to most citizens, but there has been little available to satisfy that curiosity.  Most opinions or knowledge comes from media sources and weekly television shows like “Cops” or “America’s Most Wanted.”  Even in some of the most active jurisdictions the film crews will ride with the officers for a week or more to capture enough footage to make an hour show.  Unfortunately these shows are geared towards entertainment and really do not provide a clear picture of all of the things that police officers do on a daily basis while serving the community. 

To many citizens it may appear that the Police are not doing their jobs or that they are exceeding their boundaries.  These perceptions are often founded in misunderstanding.  By allowing citizens an inside look at the rules, regulations, policies and practices of the Police in the community we feel that a lot of those misperceptions will be alleviated.

This course is not designed to prepare a person to be a Police Officer but to produce educated and engaged citizen that have a clearer understanding of what the Police do and why they do it.  It also provides an opportunity to get to know some of the Police Officers that work in the community on a daily basis.  This friendly and passive environment allows the officers and citizens to see each other as individuals.  Where in the past a citizen sees only the uniform they can now get to know the person behind the badge.

We hope the graduates of the Citizen Police Academy become more aware and better informed about how the Police Department operates, and will encourage friends, coworkers and families to join the Ypsilanti Police Department in this rewarding program.

Applications are available at the front desk at the Ypsilanti Police Department located at 505 W. Michigan Avenue, Ypsilanti MI 48197.