Records Bureau


The Records Bureau is responsible for processing all police incidents/reports and paperwork. In order to determine the status of a report, citizens should contact the Records Bureau.

Reasons to Contact Us

Common reasons to contact the Records Bureau include:
  • Obtaining a copy of a police report
  • Obtaining a traffic or crash report
  • Obtaining a Gun Purchase Permit
  • Obtaining a local police clearance (Ypsilanti City residents only)
The Ypsilanti Police Department does not conduct court ordered Preliminary Breath Tests (PBT).

Obtaining a Copy of a Police Report

  • Crash, private property, theft, and damaged property reports are generally available five to seven business days after the incident is filed. Make sure to call the Records Bureau at 734-483-8777 to see if your report is ready before coming to pick it up.
  • Some reports may be exempt from disclosure under the State of Michigan FOIA regulations (PDF).

Traffic and Crash Reports

To obtain your traffic and/or crash report:
  • Visit the Ypsilanti Police Department and present your accident report number, driver's license or state identification, and $15 fee.
  • Your crash report may be purchased online at either CLEMIS OR (officers use two crash reporting systems depending on the type of crash, which is why it could be in either CLEMIS or Docview, but not both.) Both companies accept credit card payments.