Arbor Day / Tree City USA

Ypsilanti is a Tree City
On April 25, 2014, the City of Ypsilanti received an award celebrating its 10th year of participation in The Tree City USA program. The City was recognized for practicing higher levels of tree management in our community.

Annual participation as a Tree City community provides the opportunity to educate people who care about the City of Ypsilanti on the value of tree resources and the importance of sustainable tree management.

Ypsilanti will continue with its mission to help residents feel good about the place they live and work. Conservation and the environment are an important part of life in the City of Ypsilanti. The City encourages residents to care for new and existing trees on private property.
Arbor Day 2014
The Huron Valley Boy & Girls Club Participates in Arbor Day Celebration April 2012
The City of Ypsilanti was joined by the Huron Valley Boys and Girls Club in celebration of Arbor Day and the City’s eight year designation as a Tree City community. The celebration took place on April 27, 2012 in Recreation Park. Two trees were planted in the park as part of the celebration. The theme this year was inspired by the Boys and Girls Club “From Start to Finish, Growing Together.”

Huron Valley Boys and Girls Club
DPS General Superintendent, Bradford Holman organized the event to signify the importance of tree planting in the community.  With the help of the boys and girls and club staff he demonstrated proper planting techniques and the importance of general tree care for proper tree growth.  During the tree planting, Frank Rigger, Club Director reminded the children that as they grow the tree will grow and will remain a part of the Ypsilanti Community for them to return to with their children and grandchildren.