Members of the Ypsilanti Police Department participate in a consortium-based Special Weapons and Tactics Team.  The team consists of officers from Ypsilanti PD, EMU PD, U of M PD, Ann Arbor and the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office.  Utilization of the Washtenaw Metro SWAT and Washtenaw Crisis Negotiation Team may include anti-sniper tactics, anti-terrorist tactics, barricaded subjects, and apprehension of armed and/or dangerous persons, executions of search warrants in hazardous situations, crisis situations and hostage rescue operations, dignitary protection, and other situations which may require special training and expertise.

In order to be a member of this elite team each candidate is put through a battery of testing including physical requirements and must pass The Western Wayne County SWAT School. This school is a grueling two week training event that certifies officers in basic SWAT operations.