Water Street Debt Millage

The City is proposing a millage on the August 8, 2017 ballot to fund Water Street debt payments.  

To learn more background about the Water Street Development Area and how the City has managed the debt, please review the Water Street Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions.

What else has the City done to cut costs/raise revenue? The City has implemented many efforts, including, but not limited to:

General Budget – 2016


Conversion of LED Streetlights


Converted Retirees to Medicare Advantage


Restructured 15 officer positions (net savings of $19,000 per officer/ per year for the first 3 years)


Restructured 7 firefighter positions (net savings of $20,000 per firefighter/per year for the first 3 years)


New Trash Contract  (5 years)


Reduced Police/Fire Overtime


Converted Interior City Facility Lighting to LED

$ 25,000/yr


Streetlight Special Assessment (2 years)


Sale of Surplus City Equipment


Safer Grant – Fire Personnel (2 years)


Sale of First Water Street Property


Sale of Historic House


Private Donations for the Heritage Bridge Project


General Budget – 2017


Eliminated (1) FTE police officer


Eliminated Capital Facility Projects


Reduced Urgent Road Repairs


Reduced Street Sidewalk Repairs


Solar Panel Instillation (Fire Dept.)



Sale of City Properties


For more detailed information on the Water Street Development Area, visit www.cityofypsilanti.com/WaterStreet