Current News

The Ypsilanti Police Department has applied for the United States Department of Justice Byrne Memorial Grant. We are proposing the grant funds be applied to the listed project below. For your information, the current Livescan devices with palm prints being used by CLEMIS agencies are in need of replacement because the hardware and software will not be supported after December 31, 2021. We are working with the the State of Michigan and our vendors to allow additional devices to be available to be used on the CLEMIS system. The newer devices are less expensive than previous models.

Agencies with Livescan devices that process palm prints should plan to replace their device before December of 2021. Attached is a list of available devices and the pricing from Idemia. We are currently trying to work on a better price for CLEMIS users. These prices should be used for budgeting.

  • Model 5600 - Cabinet Booking Station (same basic set up as current Livescan except that it uses a flat palm scanner - $21,000
  • Model 5300D - Desktop Configuration (same flat palm scanner, but scanner unit sits on a desktop rather than built into a cabinet) - $18,000
  • Model 5300T - Transportable Configuration (same as Desktop, but uses a laptop instead of a desktop PC) - $18,000

The public is welcome to comment on this project or provide any other comments regarding the use of the Byrne Grant Funds.