220 N. Park St Property

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Public Meetings were held on the 220 N. Park St property on June 28, 2021 and June 29, 2021. 

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March 7th Community Benefits Committee Recommendations. Authority of Committee Membership is held by City Council.

We appreciate everyone who came out for the Community Participation Meeting regarding the proposed development at 220 N Park. 13 of those who participated last night submitted applications to serve on the Community Benefits Committee and those in attendance both virtually and physically voted among the applicants. Provided below is the vote tally: 

1. Amanda Smith – 15 votes 

2. Amber Fellows- 10 votes

3. Hugh Kennedy- 10 votes

4. Rod Johnson- 10 votes

5. Jen Eastridge- 8 votes

6. Tyler Weston- 7 votes

7. Marc Arthur- 7 votes 

8. Grant Tilman- 6 votes

9. Amy Shrodes- 6 votes 

10. Mary Potts- 6 votes

11. Jack Lark- 3 votes

12. Evangeline Shipe – 2 votes

13. Tyrone Coleman- 0 Votes 

In reviewing the process followed from the previous CBO meeting, we had no way of checking on who was a city resident on this vote, which was a requirement of the last vote. With this in mind, City Council will take this into consideration when appointing the committee. City Council will choose at least three of those who applied last night to serve on the committee at their upcoming meeting on March 15, 2022 at 7:00pm. This meeting will be located at City Hall, 1 S Huron St Ypsilanti MI 48197 and a virtual option will be made available.”