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Fall River Day Exhibitor Application

  1. Ypsilanti Fall River Day Exhibitor Application
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  2. Ypsilanti Fall River Day

    Ypsilanti Fall River Day features kayak trips, kids' activities, nature activities, and river related activities. Most activities are FREE! Enjoy a fall day on the Huron River! Fall River Day consists of exhibits and programs from 12pm until 3pm on Sunday September 22, in Riverside Park (north end, entrance on Cross Street just east of Huron Street) along with canoe/kayak trips, programs, displays and walks, all next to the Huron River.

  3. Sponsorships

    Sponsorship packages are available for the event. To continue to offer this event at no charge to the community, sponsorships are vital to this event. To inquire about available sponsorship packages, please email

  4. Will Person Listed Previously Be The On-Site Contact*

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  6. EX: 10x10 tent with table, backdrop, and giveaways

  7. Please let us know if there are any other logistical items you will need for your activity/booth

  8. Questions?

    Thank you for your interest in joining us for Fall River Day. We will follow up with you within seven days of submitting your application. If you have any questions, please email,

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