Fire Prevention

Carelessness causes most fires in the home. Does your home pass this checklist? Place a check mark next to the items that your household has done. Test your friends too! Your Fire Department offers free home fire safety inspection. Call your firefighters to set up an appointment at 734-482-9778. 

                                    Actions That Can Prevent A Fire 

___ Lighters and matches are in a locked or high cabinet.

___ Cooking pot handles in the kitchen are facing toward the back of the stove.

___ Your electrical outlets are not overloaded, and you don't have any frayed cracked, or broken cords.

___ After grilling or using the fireplace, your hot ashes are stored in a proper metal container, filled with water, away from the house.

___ Your smoke detectors batteries have been changed twice a year at the same time you reset your clocks for daylight Saving Time or another standard time.

___ You have a carbon monoxide detector is mounted near your gas appliances.

___ All exits from rooms are not blocked.

___ You have a fire extinguisher on each level of the house.

___ You have the family escape plan mapped out and posted in a visible place in the house.

___ Small electrical appliances are unplugged if not in use.

Fire Prevention Tips