Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

Ypsi DDA Logo
Ypsilanti is fairly unique in that it has two recognizable downtowns. The DDA's mission is the continued revitalization of Depot Town, Historic Downtown, and Campus Town (W. Cross Street). The DDA provides two grant opportunities, listed below.
Facade Improvement Grant
This program was created to assist property and business owners to improve the front and prominent rear entrances of their buildings. Funding for the grant program will come from the YDDA. A total of $40,000 will be available for the 2013/14 FY. The funds will be divided among the three distinct YDDA districts as follow; $20,000 for the Historic Downtown, $10,000 for Depot Town, and $10,000 for West Cross/Campus Town. The grants will be issued as a reimbursement for eligible expenses related to façade improvements. The maximum grant award will be for 50% of the eligible expenses not to exceed $2,500.

Building Rehabilitation Program
This program works to rehabilitate and reuse older buildings in the Downtown Districts. The program is focused on providing financial assistance for upgrading older buildings to meet modern building code and accessibility requirements as well as to create consistency in design, materials and architectural character thereby enhancing the physical appearance of the Downtown. The buildings, once rehabilitated, must make a positive contribution to the overall character and architectural integrity of Downtown Ypsilanti. A successful rehab program will also leverage additional private capital results in continued growth and development within the borders of the DDA.