How To Apply For Tax Abatement

Meeting & Submission of Materials
An applicant initiates the creation of a district through a meeting and/or letter of intent, and City Council holds a public hearing to consider it within 60 days. After the district is created, the applicant returns the completed packet, support materials, and documentation required by the State to the City Clerk. The Clerk will check them for completion, then time stamp them so that processing can begin.

Review Meeting
The Planning and Development department schedules a review meeting to discuss responses from notified taxing jurisdictions, conduct a benefit analysis of the application, and consider abatement approval and jurisdiction. Administrative Services staff prepare a recommendation for City Council, and relevant board recommendations are sought.

City Council Approval

The application is then presented to City Council for approval or denial. Approved applications are submitted by the City Clerk to the State Tax Commission, which will notify the applicant of its final decision.


A detailed overview of the process is available on the following flowchart, and a breakdown of the application cost is provided on the fee schedule.

Please note the City has a policy for approving tax abatements, as well as a revocation policy to ensure compliance. Both apply to all applicants and recipients of local tax abatements.