Trash Service

Stevens Disposal
The City of Ypsilanti contracts residential solid waste pickup from Stevens Disposal. 

Trash Service Guidelines

Guidelines for trash service are as follows:
  • Each single family home may set out 3 trash cans or bags, 32 gallons or smaller, and 1 bulk item each week.
  • Each 2 unit dwelling may set out 6 trash cans or bags, 32 gallons or smaller, and 2 bulk items each week.
  • Each 3 unit dwelling may set out 9 trash cans or bags, 32 gallons or smaller, and 3 bulk items each week.
For questions or issues regarding trash services please contact Stevens Disposal at (800) 779-0344 or (734) 279-2611.


Your pick-ups will generally fall around the same time each week. However, due to traffic, road conditions and volumes, we may sometimes run at a different time. To ensure pick up, please have your rubbish at the curb by 6:00 a.m. or the night before your collection day. Occasionally there may be a delay in trash service due to holidays. View the Stevens Disposal  trash pickup schedule.
View the Holiday Service Schedule for Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste


Additional Bags & Proper Setout

If you have extra bags of rubbish, stickers may be purchased at the Department of Public Services (appointments strongly recommended). The cost of each sticker is $2.50 (cash or check only). Each bag of rubbish over the limit will require a sticker.

For extra bulk items, stickers may be purchased at the Department of Public Services (appointments strongly recommended) for $20 (cash or check only) per each additional item.  These stickers must be purchased at least two days before your scheduled trash pickup.

Correct Set out for a Single Family Home

Trash  Cans
Garbage Cans

What Is a Bulk Item?

A bulk item is a large item weighing less than 100 pounds that does not contain Freon. A few examples of bulk items are a couch, chair, table, washer, dryer, or one roll of carpet. Roll and tie carpet in 4 foot bundles weighing no more than 50 pounds. Each bundle is considered one bulk item. If you are not sure whether your item meets the guidelines, please call Stevens Disposal at 800-779-0344 or (734) 279-2611 for assistance.  Stickers for extra bulk items are available for sale.

How Do I Dispose of Items Containing Freon?

Residents may purchase tags for $35 at the Department of Public Services (appointment required) allowing items containing Freon (such as a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, or dehumidifier) to be disposed of curbside.  Passes must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance of the desired pickup date. For the safety of our young residents, doors must be removed from all refrigerators and freezers placed curbside.

Items That We Do Not Take at the Curb

  • Car and Truck Parts/Engines
  • Concrete/Bricks
  • Construction/Roofing Debris
  • Fencing/Railroad Ties
  • For latex paint, add cat litter to dry out the paint and place at curb with lid off.
  • Gasoline and Automotive Oil
  • Hazardous Wastes
  • Large Pieces of Wood/Drywall
  • Tree Stumps
  • Wet Paint Cans (Latex Only)
  • Yard Waste Mixed with Trash

The Following Items May Not Be Placed in the Trash:

  • Tire Disposal: Take tires to participating tire retailers. Fees vary; call tire retailers for prices.
  • Returnable Beverage Containers: Due to new State laws, returnable beverage containers may no longer be disposed of as waste. Return containers to local stores for refund.

Double Trash Limit Week

Double trash limit week permits residents to set out two times the normal trash volume on their regular trash day. This means that a single family home may set out six 32-gallon containers and two large items during this week. Two-unit apartments may set out twelve 32-gallon containers and four large items. Three units or more may set out eighteen 32-gallon containers and six large items.

When is "double trash limit" week?

The City provides two "double trash limit" weeks per year, one in spring and one in late summer.