Tree Maintenance & Removal

Tree Removal and Trimming

The Department of Public Services is responsible for removing and maintaining trees in public rights of way, parks, and other public lands.
DTE's contractor does tree trimming to prevent power outages.

DTE Tree Maintenance

DTE will be performing preventative tree maintenance around electrical utilities on a weather permitting basis this spring and summer. Click here to  view 2022 DTE tree trimming map.   

Tree Removal Process

  • The City of Ypsilanti tree removal season is April through October (Note: Exceptions may be made in cases of emergency and acceptable weather conditions)
  • During tree removal season, the City will post a list of trees that are slated for removal during tree removal season
  • Additional trees will be removed as necessary

Identifying Trees for Removal

  • The City will compile a list of critical trees to be removed annually.
  • Receiving a tree complaint, the City will cross reference the tree with the removal list. If not on the list, the tree will be evaluated.
  • Note: If a tree complaint is received November through March, the tree may not be removed until the following season, unless it is determined to be an emergency.

Evaluation Criteria for Tree Removal

  • Imminent danger of the tree;
  • The area surrounding the tree (e.g., population, structures, pedestrian traffic);
  • Accessibility to the tree (e.g., special accommodations may be required for trees in parking lots, high traffic areas, etc);
  • Minimum staffing levels required to remove the tree (Note: Larger trees require higher staffing levels);
  • Weather conditions.

Tree Planting & Maintenance

We encourage citizens to participate by planting street trees, but you must fill out a Street Tree Permit (PDF). There is no fee for this permit.

To decide what tree to plant, first consult the list of approved street trees and read our How and Where to Plant a Tree (PDF) document before planting.

If you have located a tree that needs to be pruned, see the "Appendix: Tree Pruning Guidelines" in the  "Urban Forestry Management Plan".   If you choose to do maintenance on a tree, please contact the Department of Public Services before doing so. Also, if you would like to remove a tree, you must receive permission from the City Manager before doing so.  All City-initiated tree removals are done on a case by case basis and if you have any questions/comments/concerns, please contact the Department of Public Services.