Tree Maintenance, Removal, and Planting

The Department of Public Services is responsible for maintaining and removing trees in public rights of way (street trees), parks, and other public lands of the City. 

The City cannot perform work on trees adjacent to power lines. If you are concerned about a tree interfering with power lines, please call DTE directly with your concerns at 1-800-477-4747.  

Street Tree Maintenance and Removal

The City maintains a list of trees to be removed or trimmed.  Upon receiving a tree complaint, the City cross references the tree with the existing list. If not on the list, the tree will be evaluated.  To report an issue with a street tree or park tree, please report it online here  or by calling us at 734-483-1421.

The City of Ypsilanti tree maintenance and removal season is April through October.  Exceptions may be made in cases of emergency and acceptable weather conditions.

If you would like to trim or remove a street tree yourself, please contact our office.  

Planting Street Trees

We encourage residents to plant street trees! Those who wish to plant a street tree must first submit a  Street Tree Permit Application(PDF). There is no fee for this permit; it allows us to ensure the right tree is planted in the right place. 

To decide what tree to plant, first consult the list of permissible street trees and read our How and Where to Plant a Tree (PDF) document before planting.  Any street tree must be at least 1.5" caliper and in good health;  at least 25 feet from an intersection, 30 feet from an existing street tree, 2.5 feet from a sidewalk, 10 feet from a driveway,  10-20 feet from a water or sewer line, and 10-15 feet away from a gas line. With your application, submit a scale map showing the planting site and the location of all underground and overhead utilities; you may use either Google Maps or MapWashtenaw.

From time to time when funding is available, the City may plant street trees.  We ask that residents commit to caring for any tree supplied by the City with watering and mulching for the first three years. Please note that the City does not permit irrigation lines or sprinklers in the right-of-way.

Park Tree Donations

If you are interested in donating a tree in a City park, please contact the Department of Public Services at 734-483-1421.