Code Enforcement

Ordinance Enforcement is a division of the Community and Economic Development Department. Its purpose is to ensure safety and compliance with city code requirements. To reach the ordinance office, please call 734-482-9626.

Common Ordinance Violations

  • Failure to remove graffiti
  • Grass and weeds in excess of 10''
  • Non-permitted or improper placement of signs
  • Snow or ice not cleared from sidewalks or parking lots within 48 hours of snowfalls greater than one inch
  • Trash at the curb before/after permitted time
  • Trash/recycle receptacles left out past 8:00 a.m. on the day after scheduled trash day
  • Unlicensed animals
  • Wrecked, scrapped, abandoned, or unlicensed vehicles not stored in an enclosed structure
  • Yard waste improperly left at the curb for collection
  • Zoning violations
  • Scattered litter/open trash

Lawn Maintenance

Grass, weeds, and brush must be maintained under ten inches in height for all properties within the city limits.

Grass, weeds, and brush more than ten inches in height constitute a nuisance because they are unsightly and unkempt, provide a hiding place for vermin, and are frequently used as a dumping ground for trash.

A property owner who does not maintain the lawn in accord with the above standards may be charged with a blight violation. Blight violation citations are administered by the city's Administrative Hearings Bureau.

Native Vegetation Gardens Application

In 2020, the City Council approved a change to the ordinance allowing for native vegetation gardens. The gardens shall not have invasive species as defined by the State of Michigan and shall not obstruct the sight lines for vehicles or pedestrian traffic and shall not invade or encroach any adjacent properties. 

Snow Removal

Public Services department is responsible for the city's snow removal.

Administrative Hearings Bureau

Animal Control

The City of Ypsilanti currently does not have a City Animal Control Officer. If your issues concerns a stray animal or wildlife removal, please contact the Humane Society of Huron Valley at 734-662-5585. For more details about wildlife removal services, please visit their Humane Wildlife Removal Service webpage.