Stormwater Treatment

Storm Drains

 A storm 
drain is a system that conveys storm and surface waters and drainage, defined as any flow occurring during or following any form of natural precipitation and resulting therefrom. The City of Ypsilanti is responsible for maintenance on all storm drains located within the city's jurisdiction.  The City's storm drains are connected to the Huron River or Paint Creek, part of the Stony Creek watershed. You can find the Huron River Watershed Management Plan online at

The City performs regular maintenance and inspection of its stormwater system. Street sweeping and keeping storm drains clear is part of the maintenance that helps maintain water quality and prevent flooding.  The City performs regular street sweeping, and encourages adjoining property owners, businesses, and residents to help keep their nearby storm drains free of litter and other debris.  We encourage residents to adopt a stormdrain!

For information on how to manage stormwater related to development applications, please see the engineering standards here.

Sewer Drain

 A sewer drain
is a system that carries industrial or domestic wastes from dwellings, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and institutions, which is contributed into or permitted to enter the sewage works operated by the YCUA. YCUA is responsible for maintenance on all sewer drain systems.  

For commercial food service establishments, YCUA has developed a fats, oil, and grease (FOG) mitigation program to reduce sanitary sewer overflows and backups. Please contact them or visit their website at for more information.

FOG Facts

  • FOG clogs are caused when fats, oils or greases are dumped down the sewer lines. Once there, they can harden along pipe walls.
  • FOG pollution is also caused when FOG from leaking or overfilled recycling containers leaks or is hosed into storm drains.
  • Clogs can result in sewage overflow, health hazards, and environmental problems like water pollution.
  • Over 75% of sanitary sewer systems are working at 50% capacity due to FOG clogs.
  • FOG clogs cost the United States an extra $25 billion tax dollars a year.
  • You can save money with the proper use of a grease trap / interceptor or a disposal service. Sewer repair fees and cleanup costs can be much greater than a hauler's service fees.
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