Adopting a stormdrain is a simple way that you can help keep the Huron River clean and take care of your neighborhood at the same time! It’s simple, and there are no strict timelines so you can volunteer whenever it is convenient for you.


How can I Adopt-a-Storm Drain?

Help us restore our waterways by looking upstream to where water enters the stream system. Urban streams are not pristine environments and much of their water comes directly from roads, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks through storm drain pipes. Adopting a Storm Drain works to help keep litter, leaves, and debris out of streams and rivers. It may also help reduce illegal dumping and keep degrading substances such as oil, grease, automotive fluids, and car soap from our local waterways. Both public and private partners can take sustained action to keep storm water drains clear and clean.


  • Homeowners or renters
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Conservation organizations
  • Religious groups
  • Scouting programs
  • Neighborhood groups

Click the link below to see how to help locally!

Adopt a Storm Drain - Huron River Watershed Council

What should I do with the material I collect?

  • Recycle anything possible (plastic, aluminum, glass or steel cans).  For information on what's acceptable to recycle curbside, check out the information here.
  • Compost leaves, grass and twigs in a backyard compost bin or set out for yard waste collection if you have the City garbage and recycling service. Dirt and grit should go in your curbside trash.
  • Properly dispose of trash or sharps.
  • If you see material beneath the grate of your adopted storm drains, don't try to remove the grate. Take a picture and upload to YpsiConnect (SeeClickFix) or call the Department of Public Services so we can send a crew to identify the issue. 
  • Never put anything down a storm drain. It’s for rain and melting snow only. Be a champion and spread the word with your neighbors!

Keep stuff off the streets!

No clippings in the streets, no leaves in the streets- keep the gutter in front of your house clear of litter and debris!