Making Sure It's Right For You

Will the house or apartment meet your rental needs? Run through our needs checklist (PDF) to make sure.

Has It Passed the City’s Rental Inspection?
Are there outstanding code enforcement issues? You can conduct a Building Department Search to check! After you click the link, the third box down will say “Search by Address,” which is probably the information you’re most likely to have. Enter the street name in the box on top – just the name, no “North” or “Street” or “Blvd.” - and then the street number in the box below it.

Click on “Search,” then find the result that matches the property you're looking for and click on the parcel number. Now you can see all the invoices, code enforcement notices, and certificates for the property. Scroll down past the invoices to where it says “Certificates,” and that’s where it should say… “Certified”!

What If It Doesn’t Meet My Needs?
  • If it says “Certified with Stipulations” or “Hold,” feel free to ask the potential landlord about it. It may be a paperwork issue, for example, or maybe the property has just undergone repair or renovation and the permits and inspections are still ongoing.
  • If it says “Expired,” be sure and scroll all the way down to make sure there isn’t a current one on file as well.
  • If it says “Suspended,” that could be a problem. Certificates are suspended pending the resolution of a major issue—structural, sewage, fire, etc. Ask the landlord about it, and feel free to follow up with an inquiry to the Building Department.