Simple Recycling

Update: 11.20.2020

Simple Recycling service suspended

The service provider, Simple Recycling has advised the city that they have suspended their clothing and household items recycling program until further notice due to Covid-19.  They do intend to reinstate pickups once it is safe to do so. We will update the City of Ypsilanti website and social media  when the service resumes.

This does not affect the city’s curbside recycling service which remains unchanged.


The City of Ypsilanti is pleased to announce its partnership with Simple Recycling. The curbside recycling program provides the Ypsilanti community with a free and easy way to dispose clothing and household items. The Simple Recycling program kicked off in October 2015.

Residents may gather items accepted by the program and place them curbside on their regular trash day. If Simple has missed a collection, or you would like to schedule a larger collection, please contact them directly. Simple Recycling will replenish bags at the time of collection. If residents are in need of additional bags, contact Simple Recycling directly.  

Items accepted by the Simple Recycling program include: clothing, sheets, pillows and pillow cases, blankets, comforters, belts, ties, books, shoes, curtains, purses, hats, kitchenware, pet beds, stuffed animals, tools and toys.

This program allows Ypsilanti to remain committed to caring for the environment by keeping clothing and household items out of landfills. However, this program is not meant to serve as a replacement for donations to charities and nonprofit organizations.

Simple Recycling also does not interfere with the City’s recycling and yard waste collection services. This program is only meant to provide Ypsilanti residents with another option for disposing clothing and household items that they no longer wish to keep.

Simple Recycling can be reached at (866) 835-5068.