Speeding Concerns

In March of 2019, City Council adopted a policy to respond to concerns about traffic safety and speeding, called the Responsive Traffic Safety Improvement Policy (ReTSIP). 


It is the policy of the City Council that residents and visitors to the City of Ypsilanti have a safe and efficient transportation experience; further, that potential negative safety impacts of vehicle traffic be mitigated wherever possible.  


1. Residents who bring a concern to any representative of the City will be directed to the Project Manager at the Department of Public Services (wesslerb@cityofypsilanti.com | 734-483-1421), which will be the point of contact throughout. 

2. The complainant will be informed of this process. This process will also be made available upon the City website.

3. The complainant will be asked to provide a petition of 51% of the residents of at least two block faces.  A blank petition is available here; we also ask that you provide a map of the petition area with the specific area marked.

4. Upon receipt of a signed petition, the City will conduct a preliminary investigation, led by the Traffic Review Committee. Data provided by residents will be reviewed, as well as information collected by the City and its representatives.

5. The Traffic Review Committee (TRC) will prepare a report regarding its findings, and make a recommendation to City Council no later than 90 days following receipt of the completed petition. Residents and property owners adjacent to the affected area will be informed of and encouraged to attend the Council presentation via first-class mail, and the presentation will be noticed on the City website. 

The following items will be reviewed as part of the TRC’s report:

  • Road type: local or major (State trunklines are ineligible)
  • 85th Percentile Speed (speed that 85% of the traffic is traveling at or below)
  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT)
  • Three-year Crash History (speed-related or correctable accidents in project area)
  • Proximity to a School
  • Proximity to Major Pedestrian Generators (parks, library, shopping plaza, senior housing, etc.)*
  • Sidewalk Condition
  • Other physical design considerations (stormwater/curb & gutter; visibility; topography, etc)
  • Maintenance concerns (snow removal, etc)

6.  Residents and property owners adjacent to the affected area will be notified of the Council decision by first-class mail.