What is personal property?
Personal Property is the tangible (physical) assets of a business. Personal Property should not be confused with real property.

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1. What is personal property?
2. What are some examples of personal property?
3. Where and how often do I have to file a personal property statement?
4. Who says I have to file a personal property statement?
5. What type of information do I include on the personal property statement?
6. What about used equipment?
7. Do I report equipment that I am leasing?
8. I lease space my business occupies. Do I have to pay a personal property tax?
9. Where does the tax money collected go?
10. What if I want to appeal my assessed value on my personal property?
11. What are my responsibilities as a business owner?
12. What happens if my business moves out of Ypsilanti during the year?
13. What happens if personal property taxes become delinquent?