Fingerprinting Services

Finger Printing Services

The Ypsilanti Police Department is now providing finger printing services.
  • Please bring your valid photo identification and any finger print cards if you were provided.
  • No appointment necessary. Finger printing will be done by the availability of an on duty officer.


  • Ink Finger Print Cards per card $20
  • LiveScan Finger Printing - At this time we will not be finger printing on LiveScan. 

Obtaining a Police Clearance

  • A local police clearance indicating your conduct in the City of Ypsilanti may be requested for local or international purposes. If you have relocated to a different State, you may request a certificate through the mail; otherwise, you may visit the Records Bureau to request a clearance.
  • If you're obtaining local police clearance for an adoption, it could take up to five business days. The criminal history checks are prepared in "certificate" form, and the fee is $25.