Retrieving a Towed Vehicle

Vehicles may be towed for many different reasons.

If your vehicle was towed by the Ypsilanti Police Department, it will be towed by
Wall Street/Budget Towing
876 Railroad
Ypsilanti MI 48197

Only the registered owner of the vehicle can obtain the vehicle release. Please bring a photo ID, preferably your driver’s license with you. There is no cost for the release form.

Wall Street Towing will not allow owners to enter their property or view a vehicle without a release form. However, if medication or other vital personal property was left in the vehicle, they may allow one daytime visit to retrieve those items. Please contact them directly to arrange any such visits.  Please note that Wall Street Towing charges storage fees that accumulate per day. Wall Street Towing is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If Your Vehicle Was Towed By the Police Department

Steps to follow if your vehicle has been towed by the police department:
  1. Call Wall Street/Budget Towing to confirm that they have your vehicle.
  2. Verify the forms of payment they accept.
  3. Go to Wall Street/Budget Towing with your photo identification. Only the registered owner of the vehicle can obtain the release form.

    Wall Street/Budget Towing
    876 Railroad
    Ypsilanti, MI 48197
    Phone: 734-485-2055

Vehicles Towed Due to Unpaid Parking Tickets

Vehicles may be towed if the owner amasses 6 or more unpaid parking citations. If your vehicle was towed for this reason, you will first need to pay all outstanding tickets. 
  1. Call the City Treasurer’s office at 734-483-1103 to find out the amount due.
  2. Go to the City Treasurer's office at City Hall or the Police Records Bureau at the Police Department and pay the amount due. Payment  may be made with cash or credit; the City of Ypsilanti accepts all major credit cards but does charge a convenience fee of 3%. You will get a paid receipt.  
  3. Take your paid receipt and your picture ID to Wall Street/Budget Towing.  Note that the towing company does charge additional fees for both the impound and the vehicle storage.