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Park Pavilion/Field Rental Request

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  2. City of Ypsilanti Park Pavilion/Field Rental Request

    Pavilions and fields may be reserved for special events on an hourly basis (two hour minimum). Pavilions that can be reserved are located in Candy Cane Park, Parkridge Park, Peninsular Park, Prospect Park,  Recreation Park, and Waterworks Park.  Fields are located at Candy Cane Park, Frog Island Park, Parkridge Park, Prospect Park, Recreation Park, and Waterworks Park.  The Gazebo at Riverside Park and the Amphitheater at Frog Island Park can also be reserved. Pavilion and field rental fees are non-refundable. A security deposit (depending on classification of event) is required for all pavilions, but will be refunded, minus any expenses incurred to the facility. A non-refundable application fee of $35 is also included in all pavilion and field rentals. Utility charges may be applicable, depending on the event size and classification.

  3. Pavilion/Field & Gazebo Rental Fees

    Pavilion/Field Rental Fee Resident: $100 first 2 hours / $50 each additional hour. Pavilion/Field Rental Fee Non-Resident: $150 first 2 hours / $50 each additional hour. Gazebo and Amphitheater Rental Fee: $200 first 2 hours / $50 each additional hour.

  4. Is the mailing address provided to which you would like to have the security deposit refund sent?*
  5. Please enter in XXX-XXX-XXXX format
  6. Please note, all Park Pavilions/Fields require a two hour minimum rental.

  7. Example - 12pm-2pm
  8. EX: Birthday Party, Family Reunion, Picnic, etc.
  9. Will this be an annual reoccurrence?
  10. Items such as inflatables, dunk tanks, tents, canopy's, catering, etc. require a special permit and may require special insurance or other fees. Please list any special requests here.
  11. Electrical access is available at Riverside Park, and Prospect Park. Additional fees may apply. Please list any electrical need here.
  12. Payment

    Payment may be made via cash , check or credit card.  A service charge will be applied to all credit card payments.  Credit card payments must be made in person at the Ypsilanti Police Department at 505 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti, MI 48197.  Mail Payment to City of Ypsilanti, Attn: Wendy Estey, 505 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

  13. Park Rules & Policies

    While renting a City of Ypsilanti Park Pavilion or Field all Special Events Policies and Park Rules, must be followed at all times.

  14. By typing my name above, I agree to follow and abide by all City of Ypsilanti Special Event Policies, Ordinances, and Park Rules
  15. Waiver
    I agree that the City of Ypsilanti shall not be liable for any claims, injuries, or damages as a result of my rental of a City of Ypsilanti facility. I also agree to waive and hold harmless the City of Ypsilanti, its officials, employees, and agents, from and against, any and all claims, injuries, damages, and all causes of action of any nature arising out of my rental with the City of Ypsilanti. This includes but is not limited to any injuries or other claims that may result from the condition of the City of Ypsilanti property where services are rendered. I understand that I will not be entitled to benefits such as worker's compensation, pension rights, or other rights.
  16. Rental Agreement
    I hereby agree to comply with all Federal and State Statutes and with all City of Ypsilanti Ordinances, including the curfew and noise ordinances. I understand and agree that in the event any nuisance or disturbances are caused by the individuals attending the event, the use of the location may be terminated without prior notice by the Police Chief or the City Manager or their designee. I authorize the Fire Marshal to determine the maximum number of persons who may attend this event based on available space. Further, I understand and agree to abide by any additional City requirements that may be deemed necessary to safely operate the proposed event.
  17. By typing my name above, I agree to the Wavier and Rental Agreement listed above.
  18. Questions?
    Please direct any questions to City of Ypsilanti Special Events Coordinator, Wendy Estey, (734) 482-9825,
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