Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (2010)

There are a lot of benefits to not using an automobile, but leaving the car behind needs to be safe and easy. On March 17th, 2010, the City of Ypsilanti adopted a non-motorized transportation plan as an amendment to the Master Plan to ensure that businesses, residents, and visitors have an accessible, walkable, and bikeable community.

Document Explanation

The Non-Motorized Transportation Plan is a policy document, identifying the means to establish a built and cultural environment that supports and encourages safe, accessible, comfortable, and convenient non-motorized and multimodal transportation options for both people and goods throughout the City and into the surrounding communities.

A multimodal transportation system will result in a greater number of individuals choosing alternative transportation modes, including not only walking and bicycling, but also taking public transportation. This increase will lead to a safer transportation system, a more environmentally sustainable City, an increased quality of life of residents and visitors, and neighborhoods and business districts that are more attractive.

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