Marijuana Facility Permit

Marijuana Facility Permit Applications

The Marijuana Facility Permit application form is available HERE

Interested applicants should cross-reference their intended facility address with the zoning location chart and the zoning map. Interested applicants may also wish to submit a location confirmation request to obtain written location confirmation by City staff.

Current Facilities


  • 75 Catherine – Aspen Gardens, LLC
  • 834 Railroad – Feleo Manufacturing Strategies, LLC

Provisioning Centers and/or Retailers

  • 513 W. Cross – Cross Street Services, Inc
  • 35 E. Cross – Depot Town Cannabis Company
  • 50 Ecorse Rd Ste. B – Capital Solutions Ypsilanti, LLC
  • 19 N. Hamilton – Harper Ventures, LLC
  • 124 W. Michigan – THC Holding Corp
  • 1070 N. Huron River Dr. – INDICA, LLC
  • 539 S. Huron – Kenzy Consulting, Inc
  • 1820 Washtenaw Ave, The Wellflower Ypsilanti
  • 121 E. Michigan - Peregrine Retail, LLC
  • 2 & 4 W. Forest Ave. - Guy 3 Ventures
  • 705 W. Cross St. - Ypsi Wurst License, LLC
  • 915 W. Michigan Ave. - TAMA Ventures, LLC


  • 815 Huron River Dr. - Planet Jane

Designated Consumption Establishments

  • 19 N. Hamilton – Harper Ventures, LLC

Medical Marijuana Dispensary & Grow Facilities

The zoning ordinance requires that dispensaries and grow facilities be separated by 500 feet. Additionally, dispensaries and grow facilities must be 1,000 feet from schools.

Medical Marijuana Home Occupation

One state registered caregiver per parcel may be permitted to grow medical marijuana as a home occupation in a single family home. Please see the Medical Marijuana Home Occupation fact sheet for more information.

Visit the Permit Center for a complete list of medical marijuana applications and permits. 

For further information, please contact us at 734-483-9646.

Recreational Marijuana Legislation