Downtown Parking Lot Layout Updates

Please see the updated maps posted here:

Passport Parking

The City is working with Passport Parking to allow drivers to pay for parking with a credit card via the Passport app or website.  Visit to get started.

Depot Town Meters/Timed Parking

Time limits are posted in the Depot Town area, both on-street and in the Freighthouse and Maple Street Lot. Please see the posted signage and the maps below for the time limits.  Note that the Maple Street Lot, Freighthouse Lot, and on-street parking in Depot Town are paid parking.

As always, blocking crosswalks, fire hydrants, driveways, or fire access aisles; occupying a handicap-placard space without a handicap placard; parking more than 12 inches from the curb; or otherwise parking in violation of the Michigan Vehicle Code and/or posted signage is subject to enforcement action. 

Public Parking

View general information on the location, price, and hours of enforcement of both on- and off-street parking in Downtown, Depot Town, and West Cross areas on the maps below.
parking kiosk in front of the Thompson Block, 400 N River, June 2020
downtown parking as of 2021-11-29 -  hours of enforcement M - F 8a - 6p
depot town parking map as of 2021-11-29 - hours of enforcement M-Sat 10a to 7p
westcross parking 2022-01-07

Central Business District Permit Parking

In the central business districts (Depot Town, Downtown, and West Cross), residents and employees are eligible for parking permit. More information about applying, rates, and parking areas can be found here.

Residential Permit Parking

In some residential areas, on-street parking is limited during certain times to neighborhood residents, their visitors, and service vehicles. More information about applying, rates, parking areas, and adding or removing areas can be found here.

Paying or Appealing a Parking Ticket

In the unfortunate event that you receive a parking ticket, you can pay the ticket or start the appeals process here.