Capital Improvements Planning

Every municipality has a portfolio of capital assets that it owns, maintains, and employs to help deliver services to its residents. These assets include equipment, vehicles, roads, bridges, buildings, stormwater systems, parklands, parking facilities, and more.

Michigan municipalities are required by PA 33 of 2008 to assemble a six-year Capital Improvements Plan to maintain, improve, or remove these assets; the City of Ypsilanti’s Charter similarly requires that a five-year capital program be adopted annually. This plan spans six fiscal years.

A Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a multi-year planning that identifies needs and financing sources for public assets. It complements the budget process, and provides valuable information to Council to aid in budget discussions. It includes information already included in the budget, but also incorporates information from other adopted plans and includes more in-depth information on individual projects.

The CIP provides the link between planning and budgeting for capital expenditures to ensure that capital improvements are both fiscally sound and consistent with City long-range priorities, goals, and objectives.

FY 22/23 through FY 28/29

FY 21/22 through FY 27/28

FY 20/21 through FY 26/27